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Flycer AI offers high impact adverts on streaming TV for maximum brand exposure and increased sales.

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 Your Commercial, In TV Streaming, In Your Service Area

Flycer AI gets your brand commercial in all the mayor streaming TV platforms in the US. 

The Most Effective Advertising With AI Technology

More Sales and Brand Exposure

Advertising on Streaming content can increase your sales and brand exposure effectively. 

Flycer AI offers streaming TV advertisements that are professional grade. Designed to promote branding and awareness and drive conversions.

With view completions rates ranging from 50% - 90%, is the perfect tool to get more sales and brand exposure. 

Reach over 50 million TV streaming users

Flycer AI shows your ads on the most watched TV streaming channels in the US. Reach over 50 million users from every major city, state, and other parts of the country. 

Dashboard reporting 24/7

Built for Small Businesses

 Advertise your brand on TV

Our data driven AI will show your ads in the optimal locations & on the right devices to get you the most view completions rates.

Reach your target audience in a brand-safe environment with Flycer AI. We offer a better TV ad experience, with targeting and analytics that can help you make smarter business decisions. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Target only your service areas

You don't need to be a big brand to advertise on TV

Flycer AI makes it accesible to access your local market with Streaming and OTT commercials in viewer's favorite channels. Get the full picture with a customized demo.

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"55.1 million people will no longer watch traditional pay TV by 2022"


"In 2020, 232 million people watched streaming across all devices in the U.S."

"As of June 2020, 69.8 million US homes use OTT services. "


Reach Millions of Viewers Like Big Brands

 Get your brand commercial on Live TV streaming to get more sales and brand exposure.