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No contracts - No setup or maintenance fees.

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Google Ads for Small Businesses is an automated  platform that helps your Clients compete with the big guys for new customers and sales. This proven, fully automated system creates and shows your ads to new customers and then automatically optimize your ads for you.

The average turnaround time, from signup to ads being live, is 2 business days.

 We do all the work. We continually monitor and optimize your ads using automation and AI.

Your ads appear in Google Search results, in the text ads area.

We offer weekly detailed reporting on your ad campaigns in a way small businesses can understand and your own private dashboard.

Each package has it own Ad budget, but if you need more calls or jobs during the month, you can add funds to your account.

You are in control. You simply pay the package with the included monthly budget, and can cancel anytime.

Guaranteed Google Traffic for All Size Budgets

Set your own budget level and Google Ads for Small Businesses powered by Flycer AI will automatically scale to it and keep you at your target level of new customer pickups per month.

We do all the work

Save time and budget on Google Ads.

Increase your return on investment

Save time and money

With our help, you can enjoy effective advertising without breaking your budget. Your business will grow at a faster rate because you won’t have to spend tons of time learning how to master the platform yourself or hiring an expensive team to do it for you.

"The Flycer AI platform made it simple and quick for me to get my small business exposure online. I no longer need to hire an agency - I simply set up my daily budget and Flycer AI literally looked after everything else."

M. Naylor


"I am amazed at how much traffic we get from the Flycer AI Platform and how little time we had to spend to do it. It definitely gets us new leads and at the price point, I think any business will see a clear benefit."

W. Combs

Momentum Health

“The Flycer AI platform has delivered excellent local traffic to my clinic at a fraction of what I was paying before"

Alon Sharer

Keswick Hearing

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No contracts - No setup or maintenance fees.